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OFF is the new ON: Challenging the Assumptions of Lighting Energy Consumption - Presented by Kim Mercier

Centuries of progress have created the environment we now enjoy….we are the creators of light.  And, as is the case with other skills we have attained, it is difficult to recall the thinking we had when we could not create light.  In this presentation, Kim will explore the new perspectives required by "users of light” to embrace the technology features that are the future of lighting systems.  She will share thought leader opinions about the future of lighting technologies and controls, pilot project occupant survey findings that will inform approach to future lighting designs, and suggestions for challenging the lighting energy assumptions of your design teams and project managers.

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About the Presenter: Kimberly Mercier is the Managing Principal of Lighting Design Innovations, a NYS Certified WBE.  She is a lighting designer and professional engineer in the United States and Canada.  Kim holds an MBA from SUNY at Buffalo and her experience includes managing electrical departments for consulting engineering firms across North America.   Kimberly is a LEED Accredited Professional and a Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional and has worked on a number of design teams achieving LEED rating Certifications of Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Ms. Mercier served as President of the Illuminating Engineering Society (of North America).  Kimberly is a frequent speaker on topics related to the lighting industry and sustainability and has served as adjunct instructor for Lighting in the Master of Architecture program at the University of Calgary. Ms. Mercier currently serves as Vice Chair of the Department of Interior Design Advisory Board at SUNY College at Buffalo (Buffalo State)